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  1. Well written!

    A most welcome signing! He might not be the big name forward United fans would want but for a 6 month stint while Rashford recovers, he’s good enough. He’ll give a breather to Martial every now and then. He used to be a leader in the Nigeria squad. Young players like Greenwood and James can learn from him. In terms of attitude and enthusiasm, he’s been top notch. He’s already had a chance in the Chelsea game and one in the Watford game. I think it’s only a matter of time until he gets a goal. Don’t really see him staying beyond the 6 months.

  2. I have alway’s loved watching any games Liam was either playing in or when he was managing a lovely man to talk to very friendly and was great with children especially during pe-season games I just loved listening to him from a St Patricks Athletic fan

  3. I seem to remember Romelu Lukaku had a successful first 10 or so matches, and things didn’t turn out too well for him in Manchester.

    I do take your point that Fernandez has raised the bar and performance level, and as a result of that the rest of the team has improved.

    I also agree that United aren’t too far off from being a decent team again. I think it will take a couple if years to consistently be challenging City and probably Liverpool, although I can’t see Klopp’s team doing that well again.

    For around 12 months now, I have believed United are only 3 or 4 players away from being a top 4 side again.

    Fernandes looks like one of them, although as I already suggested, he needs to sustain that for a longer period to show he really is the real deal.

    I totally agree about Saul Niguez from Atletico Madrid, for me a player of that ilk is more needed, although if enough money is available, why not a Maddison or a Grealish?

    And obviously a top striker would be another piece in the jigsaw.

    I do find the Sancho / Kane potential transfers interesting though. In the long run, United would get more out of Sancho, but Kane is what they need now. United already have young strikers finding their feet, they would appear to need a finished article like Kane more at the moment.

    If it comes down to a decision between Kane or Sancho, I wouldn’t like to have to be making that call.

  4. Good article Nathan. People must also remember that record was achieved in a time you were allowed tackle.

  5. Head and shoulders above any other player of his era Would probably made a good career across the water but by all accounts was a home bird I remember seeing him in an end of season friendly against Celtic in Finn Park and it was pitiful to see so many of his Harps colleagues not being mentally quick enough to anticipate his deft touches

  6. It’s awkward for Vettel, because the only available option right now is Renault, who simply won’t be able to deliver him a competitive car. He won’t even get podiums, not without a major set of retirements at least. It’s been hinted he might even retire – a shame, but what does he have to prove anyway?

  7. You could easily argue England and Everton at the moment, lol………. I did have to laugh at the thought of Hart and Luiz in the same team.

  8. That was a wonderful piece of writing about Jack Charlton and his friendship with Irish Soccer Football over those 10 glorious years 1986-1996. It brought quiet a few tears from me where most were tears of joy with a few of sadness on that of his passing. To our forever friend, Jack

  9. Is anybody by extension going to develop a full pyramid system all the way down to the local junior leagues in all 4 provinces?

  10. As ever the only people Sky care about is their greedy owners ! They couldn’t give a damn about their customers, arrogant behaviour and I really hope Jeff and the lads can get a deal with BT and we can all continue to enjoy having a laugh with them.

  11. The delisting of Test Cricket in 1998 was not a move to enable ECB to sell all cricket to Sky.
    The combined Channel 4/Sky deals from 1999 to 2005 were worth, on average £30m pa to the game, double the previous BBC/Sky deal. This financial injection allowed ECB under Lord MacLaurin to develop central contracts, a move, amongst others, that enabled the England team to become a famous Ashes winning team in 2005. The handshake to keep Test Cricket largely on free to air TV (Ian MacLaurin/ Chris Smith) was ignored by the next regime when Giles Clarke led negotiations.

  12. Wow, never has an article seemed so wrong so quick. Very early days, but the Tottenham and Everton teams both look capable of competing for the Premier League this season with these managers in charge…

  13. As a bit o red fan I am delighted with this important link, can be of huge benefit to Sligo Rovers on so many levels.

  14. Really enjoyed the article. Have been a Bohs and League of Ireland fan since the mid 60’s and he’s without a doubt the best player I’ve watched

  15. I saw Big Brendan many a time in Kilcohan Park in Waterford when he was playing for The Harps. He was lethal in front of goal. Coolness personified when he got in possession. I hope his record of 235 will never be broken.

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