7 Manchester United Players That Need To Go

While Manchester United supporters have seen improvements under Erik Ten Hag this season, there is much more room for improvement. Consistency in levels of performance (or lack of it) from so called big named players stand out like a sore thumb.

A manager is only as good as the players in their squad. Ten Hag no doubt understands that if he wants to bring real success back to United then changes are a must.

There is still a lot of dead wood in the United squad. Players that drain the team rather than energising it. Some of these have been through four managers at Old Trafford.

We have compiled a list of seven players Manchester United should let go during the 2023/24 season. Obviously, these players will need to be replaced, but that’s another article for another day.

Jadon Sancho

I was underwhelmed at the time I heard of United’s interest in Sancho. When covid turned us into lovers of the Bundesliga for a month or so we got a real look at the level in Germany’s top flight. There was little to be impressed with.

Sancho’s stats were flying around the place on his time at Dortmund and the price tag was rising as quick as the hype. It wasn’t the first time the English media hyped up an English player. It won’t be the last time either.

In Germany, anytime I watched him I had seen levels of inconsistency covered up by moments of brilliance. It’s not much dissimilar to his United form. Except the moments of brilliance are less visible in the Premier League and the goals are a lot harder to find. He is struggling with the level, the expectation and looks to be lacking motivation at times for whatever reason.

When you compare Sancho to Jack Grealish, who only started performing for Manchester City after the World Cup break, we see where the issues are. Grealish has played more games (at time of writing), 27 to Sancho’s 22 but the United wide man struggles in many creative aspects.

Comparing crossing stats see’s Sancho cross a mere 16 crosses compared to Grealish’s 53. Vinicius Júnior is at 60 crosses for 30 games. So Sancho is miles off. Also his goal creating action’s (which is offensive actions that lead to a goal) is over half of Grealish with 8 against the City man’s 20.

There is talent within Sancho and I would love to see him make strides in an attacking sense like Grealish. I just can’t see any signs of proof that it will happen. Plus, Garnacho is already a better player.

Wout Weghorst

A player that has added absolutely nothing to Manchester United’s starting eleven. A centre forward that literally doesn’t score goals. Four shots on target is fairly bleak. If his contribution off the ball (which is what was mooted on his move to Old Trafford) was massive turn overs through high pressing, then the lack of goals would not be hi-lighted as much.

That narrative has been quickly dismissed when you see that he has only won 4 tackles all season which leaves him with a 22% tackle success rate. For a player at 6ft 5 inches, his aerial threat is diabolical. Of his 33 aerial duels this season he has won a disappointing 14 from 33. For such a giant in the game that’s an unacceptable 42% success rate.

Weghorst no doubt gives his everything to the team and when he plays you can see the pride he has for playing in the red of United. In saying that, if Ten Hag offers the Dutchman a contract at the club next year then questions will be asked of the manager. Quiet simply not at the level.

Anthony Martial

I am gob smacked at how the Frenchman has stayed at Old Trafford for so long. One of the most overrated players to have played at United! He has had one good goal scoring season (17 PL goals 2019-20) and two decent seasons (11 goals PL 2015-16, 10 goals 2018-19) out of eight years at the club.

The main issue with Martial is his attitude on the pitch. Even in his decent seasons he is more cold than hot. Mourinho once said ‘Pogba is a virus, not a team player. Martial is lazy and needs to leave the club.‘ He wasn’t wrong with either player.

If Manchester United want to challenge for titles then they can’t afford to have moody players enter the pitch and give a performance once in every four or five games. Head back to France, it might bring a smile back to the French forward.

Harry Maguire

We don’t really need to look at stats to know that Harry Maguire is struggling to play at the level demanded by Eric Ten Hag. He has lost the confidence of both the manager and the supporters and there is no way back.

He is struggling to cope with playing out from the back as his decision-making is killing him. Mistake after mistake has knocked his confidence. Lisandro Martínez has shown United supporters the passion and desire needed to challenge for trophies. His performances all season have highlighted Maguire’s weaknesses.

The biggest observation that can be made on his struggles under Ten Haag has been playing at the tempo needed to raise United’s level. Both himself and Lindelof in United’s build-up play from the back consistently take three or four touches before moving the ball on. It slows down the whole tempo of the play and gives opponents a chance to position themselves and block off any gaps through their team.

The quick switching of play is key to opening up the opposition and you will find the more Harry plays the harder United find it to create opportunities. It’s a no brainer, Maguire must be sold.

Donny Van De Beek

As much as Manchester United fans urged every chance to be given to the Dutchman, it hasn’t really worked out for him in the Premier League.

He has had 11 starts of which 5 of them were for Everton. Each manager he played under found there was something that just didn’t sit right with them about starting Van De Beek.

He was slight and did need to bulk up. But it was the lack of influence in games which has seen him fall behind others in the squad.

It’s a simple one, save £120k a week, it’s time to move on!


One week Fred would be praised for his high performance, the next week he would give possession away every time he had the ball!

Between Scott Mctomainay and Fred there isn’t much to call on their performances. With Fred turning 30 last March that would go against the Brazilian for me.

If Manchester United want to challenge for titles they need a top midfielder brought in to the club. Fred is a squad player and would be the one to make way.

David De Gea

When you look at goalkeeping stats across the Premier League David De Gea shines as good as the rest. The Spanish stopper has the most clean sheets (16) this season so far. He is also beating Ederson (60.6%) with a 70% save percentage. But sometimes statistics can be deceiving.

For four solid years after his debut season, De Gea was in the top 3 goalkeepers in world football, if not the best. He grew a reputation as the world’s best shot-stopper bar none. He was single handily keeping a substandard Manchester United team in the top half of the division.

When you analyse the Spaniards strengths and weaknesses its plain to see his biggest issue. He is totally brilliant when he relies on his reflexes to save the day. He still makes world class saves on a weekly basis.

His biggest problem is his concentration and decision making. If he has no time to think about a save his reflexes kick into action quicker than anyone in the league. But give De Gea time to think, the concentration levels drop, indecision sets in and so do the mistakes.

How many times over the last three or four years have we seen the Spanish keeper recieve a back pass and give a direct pass to the opposing forward player!?

How many times have we seen routine collections from weak attempts on goal sneak under De Gea’s body?

The answer is too many times.

The weakest part to his game is crosses. De Gea has just never commanded his box. Flap after flap or stuck to his line, his defence in front of him rarely get that sense of relief of a load shout from their keeper to ease the pressure when needed.

Dean Henderson in my opinion is not the answer. While I may feel that David De Gea has had his time at Old Trafford, I would only let him go if an adequate replacement was found.

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