The Transfer Crazyhouse – Good and Bad

Crazy season has arrived

Looking through the various transfers that have been completed, possible transfers and rumours it is clear that crazy season has arrived. Obviously all clubs are looking to make waves and entice fresh talent to help their chances next season. Some are a little strange and some are well over due. Lets take a look at what’s happening and make an educated guess on who is going where.

Paul “Pogmentary” Pogba

Best place to start is the top of the pile when it comes to ludicrous stories this week. Pogba is leaving Manchester United in what must be one of the greatest failure stories since, the original departure of Paul Pogba. This self titled Pogmentatry just sums up what we’ve all been thinking the past 5 years. How on earth is this guy tolerated in football circles?

The fact that he will turn his back on a 300k a week deal withy Manchester United to go back to Juventus on a free, for less money shows the type of character Pogba is. Self involved. Self obsessed. More interested in social standing than any type of football. Then you need to ask WHY on earth United were willing to offer any kind of contract to Pogba as if he hasn’t fleeced them enough in the last 5 years.

Verdict : Good riddance to a player that nobody will miss in the Premier League. Great piece of business for United, even if they almost resigned him again!

Christian Eriksen

Sky Sports report that both Brentford and Manchester United have made very good offers – but United would be more lucrative. Nothing surprises me that the better offer is from Manchester but what on earth has happened that Erikson would be considered at age 30, with dubious medical history and the fact that he was unceremoniously dumped from Spurs.

Not that i do not love the Erikson story. The fact that this guy has risen more times than Jesus in the last 2000 years is something to behold. Perhaps he can lift Manchester United to 4th if he signs. He had a wonderful return to English Football last season with Brentford. Can he kick on and add another chapter to his story?

Verdict : No sentiment in football i am afraid. Sign for Brentford and enjoy the fact that you can play football again Christian!

Raphinha Bid is spot on for Arsenal

Arsenal are trying to coax the brilliant Brazillian away from Elland road and this is finally a piece of business that could pay dividends for the Gunners. No offence to Leeds but this is a good move for the forward. Arsenal are looking like ending the misery of Nicolas Pepe with the arrival of Raphinha. This is definitely a step to make them a better team.

Added to this the Gunners have already secured the services of midfielder Vieira for 35Million from Porto. They are chasing Gabriel Jesus as well and if they succeed in landing the front man this could drastically change the first eleven for them. This could be the golden window for the Gunners as would see the gap close between them and the top four going forward.

Verdict : If the Gunners can pull off these transfers in one window it will increase their chances of success. Great work by the transfer committee.

Chelsea to unleash the Chequebook

It seems like only yesterday that Chelsea spent a year with no transfers then landed Werner, Havertz, Chilwell, Ziyech and Mendy in one swoop. Yet somehow after then adding Romelu Lukaku for 100million the year after they are in an unenviable position again.

Departures of Christenson, Saul but in particular Rudiger have weakened their backbone. Rumours that Azpilucueta will perhaps follow means they need a rebuilding job once again. The good news is that they seem to be making waves.

Matthijs de Ligt has been linked for silly season prices but at 120million this will be unlikely happen. Jules Kounde would be a better signing but seemingly he might need surgery to fix a knee issue that has been plaguing him. This might stall the deal. Chelsea desperately need a solution however and they seem keen to spend big on it.

Crazy season lands again for their other prospect in Raheem Sterling. Another victim of the “Final Year of Contract” scenario Sterling is still only 27 years old and would have many suitors. But do Chelsea need another of his type with Pulisic, Mount, Havertz and Ziyech on their books?

Verdict : Chelsea need a huge window if they are not to lose ground on the top 2. Lukaku making an exit clears the path for new blood. But this time try not to blow 100million on a dud.

Ousmane Dembele – the almost kid!

I really don’t know who the PR team are behind Dembele but they are world class. This guy has played 100 times for Barcelona in 5 years and scored less than 20 goals! Yet he regularly gets linked to Liverpool and Chelsea.

This guy is a massive risk to sign. Potential yes but zero end product in five seasons would place a massive concern over his future. It doesn’t seem to remove suitors however. Personally i would like to see him move away from Barcelona and see exactly what the kid has to offer but i wouldn’t be opening the books to buy him.

Verdict : I hope someone signs him to see if he was just in a bad move with Barca. But i’d be weary if any top club took the gamble.

Robert Lewandowski

Now here is a guy i would love to see in the Premier League. An absolute machine for Bayern domestically and still has a season or two to play at the highest level. It would answer a question of exactly how much more competitive the English League is compared to the Bundesliga. Imagine Haaland and Robert Lewandowski in the same league at the same time moving.

At 33 years it is still an educated risk to go for Lewandowski but surely it is a risk that teams are wiling to take. Barcelona are seemingly interested but cannot afford him. He would be ideal you would think for Chelsea. Cut ties with Lukaku and go for the brilliant Polish star. A two year deal would be perfect.

Verdict : It would seen he is destined to leave Munich after his comments midweek. Interesting to see who has the interest in signing him.

Frenkie De Jong

The priority target for Manchester United. Quite simply they must see this through if they want to get off to the right start. The style of play will change when they get De Jong but it feels like a watershed signing also for the new manager.

60million will be the rough price and United fans will be hoping this is like lighting the same touch paper as when they signed Bruno Fernandes. Lucky for United as Barcelona are still struggling to balance their books.

Verdict : A good signing for the new manager who will want to immediately put his mark on the team.

The Barcelona Enigma

There’s just something wrong about the Barcelona situation that frustrates me a little. The club were forced to let possibly the greatest player of all time leave due to finances. They are hamstrung by fair play rules that dictate their money position. Yet they are always tying to sign players left, right and centre!

Robert Lewandowski was rumoured to be offered 40million to join them but they do not have the funds available! Last season they were unable to register Feran Torres for a few weeks after he signed. They somehow managed to convince Adama Traore and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to sign and for the clubs they were with to part ways. It is a little incredible.

I’m well ware of the pull of the club but they have been mismanaged for a decade and ran themselves into the ground. Domestically they have fallen behind and in Europe they are nothing to be feared anymore. Yet this week it was again rumoured that Mo Salah could be joining when his contract ends!

Verdict : I don’t know what to think when it comes to Barcelona anymore. Only that they do a superb job of trading on their name. The pull of the club is still huge among the top players. Free deals are keeping them afloat.

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