West Ham’s handling of the Zouma situation deserves looking into

The whole of the footballing community has been shocked and outraged by the actions of West Ham player Kurt Zouma. The former Chelsea defender was seen on social media via a video posted by his brother kicking his pet cat across the room.

Unacceptable behaviour from the French man

If this wasn’t horrific enough, Zouma was also seen slapping his cat and laughing at his unsavoury actions. Zouma has since apologised for his behaviour, with the club stating that they will be dealing with the incident internally.

This is to put it mildly no excuse for a Premier League footballers’ outrageous behaviour. We are all a nation of animal lovers. Just because you are a Premier League player, earning obscene amount of money there is no excuse for this barbaric act.

West Ham have serious questions to be answered

Not only is Zouma at fault, but his club West Ham have come out of this with nobody’s respect for the club. West Ham have said they will deal with this, yes, I am sure they will. The outcome no doubt will be the normal slap on the wrist and a fine of a couple of weeks wages. That decision will make Zouma laugh even more in people’s faces.

The absurd decision by West Ham before last nights game against Watford to stand by Zouma and start him against the Hornets was scandalous. What sort of message does this send out to all football and animal lovers around the world?

Moyes needs to take a lot of flak for his actions

Manager David Moyes should also take a lot of flak for his ridiculous comment when asked why has Zouma been selected, he replied “He is one of our best players”. I always thought Moyes was a manager who was respected in the game. Unfortunately, this has damaged his fine reputation as a manager.

Of course, he has to pick his strongest side to win a game of football, but he really should of not picked the giant defender. This would have sent out a firm message to others that you can’t just go around being stupid and not pay the price for your actions.

Zouma will always be remembered for his actions by every football fan in the country and this will not be forgotten by anybody. Apologies are not enough.

West Ham bottled their decision

I genuinely feel that West Ham have bottled their decision about Zouma. The club should off sacked him on the spot. He should also never be allowed to play football anywhere around the world ever again. For a so-called animal lover that he claims he is, he should never be allowed to keep any animal ever again.

Kick him where it would hurt him most. Fines and a warning are simply not enough for the likes of Zouma.

Beautiful game is being dragged through the mud

Once again, the beautiful game has been tarnished by actions of the field. Players should lead by an example. Something that a few don’t know the meaning of the words.

Most players seem to think because they have Premier League fame, they can’t act just how that want to. Well Mr Zouma and others, I have a strong message for you. Grow up and act like professional people, that youngsters and older people can look up to and admire.

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