International football schedule is simply becoming a bad joke!

Football fans around the world will be breathing a sigh of relief on Saturday. Hoorah, no International football as normal service resumes with the return of the Premiership.

I am sure that I am not alone in saying that International breaks just disrupt a season. Take this coming weekend in the Premiership. Eight Brazilian players- and three Argentina players will be representing their countries in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Fans will be denied to see a host of Premiership stars this weekend

The following day, Liverpool will be without Alisson and Fabinho at Vicarge Road. Manchester City will also be without players- Ederson and Gabriel Jesus. Chelsea look likely to be losing Thiago Silva with Manchester United’s Fred and Leeds Raphinha missing.

So the list goes on. This scenario favours no one. The players, fans and managers are constantly losing out. Most of the above mentioned players will have to face a long 12 hour plane journey, with many having to go straight into a game. No preparation for players who want to perform at their highest level.

It is absolutely crazy that Fifa has allowed in most cases meaningless World Cup qualifiers to be scheduled at this time of the year. Surely the powers that be could arrange to reschedule three games in two weeks at another time.

Yet again FIFA call the tune

The continuing threat of a suspension if these players do not accept an international call up will always hang over them. The clubs have been bullied into losing their own employees with FIFA calling the tune.

Is it no wonder that so many players and managers are unhappy about this situation. And to cap it all a few weeks ago we had Arsene Wenger wanting a biennial World Cup.

Wake up Arsene, it would never work. It is as bad a suggestion to say that the recent Nations League works perfectly.

The European qualification rounds for major summer tournaments are of such low quality, that they are becoming boring to watch. Some of the qualifiers are becoming more akin to pre-season friendlies. Most sides make 10 changes and still win easily.

Too many poor teams in qualifiers

We witness to many games where poor teams are only concerned about keeping the score down. Not a good advert for the way the game should be played.

Overall, three international breaks before Christmas is just to much. Play them before most leagues begin their campaigns.

FIFA have to listen to the players on the stage who are performing. The views of Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois this week was spot on. “We are not robots.” He said. “If we never say anything it will always be the same. They just care about their pockets.” Very well put sir. I echo exactly your comments and I am sure I speak for the majority of football lovers around the world.

Why have a meaningless third and fourth place game after the Nations League semi-finals. Nobody wanted that one, including players.

Until the governing bodies start listening to the players and managers, there is no prospect of a proper fix for a increasingly unsustainable football calendar.

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