European Super League given the cold shoulder

After the most extraordinary 48 hours the football world has ever known, common sense has finally prevailed. The worst fears of any football fan has now been kicked into touch. The plot to launch a European Super League has ended in carnage after the Premier League’s Bix Six quit the competition. At the same time that Ed Woodward resigned from Manchester United.

For the past two days, football fans around the country, pundits, players and managers have doubted the existence of a Super League.

City and Chelsea make the bold move to walk away

Manchester City and Chelsea were the first clubs to walk away before Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham followed suit. You always thought that once one decided to pull out then the others would follow. It just needed one club to be bold enough to make that decision.

So why the sudden about turn from the Big Six. Simple answer is that for once they have listened to their fans. Football fans around the country have voted with their voices against the European Super League, and they have won a massive battle.

The Big Six may also have been reminded that by breaking away from the other 14 clubs in the Premier League would jeopardise their future.

Prohibits its members from entering unsanctioned competitions

Rule L9 clearly states that it prohibits members from entering unsanctioned competitions. Punishment of players and managers would be unfair on individuals, after all it wasn’t their choice to sign up to the Super League.

The Premier League would have been ecstatic that the six have withdrawn from the ridiculous idea. This has to be a victory for the other 14 sides in the Premiership who will now feel that they have won this particular battle.

Fans after all never forget

Make no bones about this, this will take a long time to heal. Fans don’t forget as easily as owners do. They will remember for a very long time when the six decided to go their separate ways.

Today, the world’s most popular league finds itself divided, battered with a whole new level of resentment.

The Big Six owners will now come to realise that owning a football club also includes listening to the fans.  Fans never ever wanted a European Super League and never will.

Let us truly hope that we have now heard the last of the European Super League. My fear is that it won’t be the case. Given time Perez and the Big Six will probably hatch up another plan which will cause even more controversy.

Now can we get back to talking about matters on the field please, even if it’s VAR. Then again on second thoughts perhaps not.

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