Real Football Lovers Will Oppose A European Super League

On Sunday, twelve European clubs announced their plans to form a breakaway European Super League.

The clubs involved are Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan.

Within minutes of the leak many many fans, ex players and pundits vented their disapproval of the plans. That night the announcement was made official.

The Premier League

The Premier League and UEFA were both swift to oppose talk of the breakaway league. They also made it clear that the clubs and players would face sanctions if they follow through with their decision to participate in the European Super League.

For these clubs to announce a European League which would not be part of the european football pyramid is a disgrace. A closed league with guaranteed finances for the founding clubs.

Also announced was that the twelve founding members would be joined by three further clubs. And that the league would not be totally closed as five other clubs depending on their league form would be invited in on a yearly basis.

Champions League

So a twenty team European Super League. Killing off the Champions League and damaging domestic league’s all over Europe.

This is where the fans need to step up to the plate. The lovers of football no matter who you support need to oppose these greedy ideas.

It’s up to the supporters of the eventual fifteen breakaway clubs especially to step up to the plate. To make sure they don’t support these clubs in any way or form until this ridiculous idea is scrapped!

Football Fan’s

If you as a fan of any of these clubs love football on a global scale right down to grassroots football then this cannot be accepted.

Leicester City won the Premier League only a few years ago and secured the dream that is qualifying for the Champions League. Under the new European Super League they would need to be voted and invited in. No more fairytale stories!

This European Super League will stop the chances of other clubs growing and developing and having their moment at the top. Teams like Manchester United, AC Milan, Arsenal and Spurs aren’t even good enough to qualify for the Champions league on a regular basis.

It’s disgusting for these teams to want to take away the soul of our game just to line their own pockets. Greedy bastards!

I don’t like cursing in articles. I put it in, took it back out and it ended back in. But it is the most emotionally descriptive phrase that describes the anger surrounding this news that people will get instantly.


All football supporters should be fuming about this at the moment. If you are not then you need to take your prawn sandwich and seek another sport to follow. You are not a lover of the game as a whole.

Gary Neville was right. Fine and deduct points from these clubs. There are heavy sanctions needed. An end to this constant threat of breakaway League’s is what the majority of fan’s want.

But it’s up to you the supporters of the soon to be fifteen clubs to reject these plans from your club. Let your club know that this will not be tolerated. Oppose it at all cost.

The future of football as we know it is in doubt. Even if the league does kick off it is imperative that we all boycott it. If not, watch the clubs all around europe and their league’s crumble.

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