Best Moments from The Career of The Late Brodie Lee

Over the Christmas period the wrestling community was dealt a blow to the gut when it was announced that prominent wrestler John Huber died.

Huber, better known to fans as Brodie Lee and Luke Harper in WWE, left us at the young age of 41 after battling a non Covid related lung issue.

It was news that rocked the wrestling world to its core. Ever since it was announced, tributes have flooded in from wrestlers and fans the world over.

It’s evident by the words of those that knew him most, John was one of the nicest guys in the wrestling business and a devoted family man.

He leaves behind him two young kids and his wife of 12 years, Amanda.

Brodie Lee's 8-year-old son signed by AEW after his father's death -

RIP Brodie Lee

At the time of his passing, Huber was working for AEW and was really starting to show what he could do as a main eventer.

Those lucky enough to have watched him preform knew his talents were as clear as day.

Extremely nimble for a big man and someone with charisma by the boat load. He will be truly missed by all that had the pleasure to know him and watch him preform.

Huber gave us plenty of highlights throughout is lengthy wrestling career. Whether it was on the independent scene or with global companies like WWE or AEW.

Now, with the dust beginning to settle on this tragic news, it could be a nice time to look back and reflect on that great moments that Brodie Lee has provided us fans down the years.

Brodie Lee Passes Away, Former Luke Harper Dead At 41

With this one we’d love other fans input.

What moments from the career of Brodie Lee do you fondly remember?

Let us know in the comment section below.

I want to shout out some honourable mentions before we get into proceedings.

When he was revealed as ‘The Exalted One’ on AEW Dynamite, Final match (Dog Collar Match) vs Cody Rhodes on AEW Dynamite, NXT Debut and steel cage match with Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) with Chikara in 2008.

That’s just tipping the iceberg. Now, on with our list.

5. WWE Main Roster Debut

The Wyatt Family debut and attack Kane: Raw, July 8, 2013 | WWE

As a member of the excellent Wyatt Family stable, Luke Harper ran roughshod in NXT with leader Bray Wyatt and fellow stablemate Erick Rowan.

On the July 8th, 2013 edition of Raw, it was time for the trio to announce themselves on a bigger stage.

The show kicked off with a match between Christian and Kane, with ‘The Big Red Machine’ coming out on top.

After the match, the Wyatt Family made their presences felt as the three men beat down Kane.

For many mainstream fans, this was their first-time clocking eyes on the massive Luke Harper. Safe to say he made a real impact.

This was the start of a run that turned the trio into a legitimately captivating main event act.

The sermon like promos by Bray Wyatt and his two big bruisers made fans buy into them straight away.

All three men became as close as brothers outside of the ring during this time, with that chemistry bleeding over onto our screens each week.

4. Winning at Wrestlemania

10 WWE Superstars Who Benefited The Most From WrestleMania 34 – Page 2

For a lot of wrestlers, reaching the heights of WWE is the pinnacle of their careers.

Once this goal is ticked off, performing at Wrestlemania is another bucket list achievement for anyone that finds themself on the active WWE roster.

In 2018, former Wyatt Family brothers Luke Harper and Erick Rowan ventured off on their own. Eventually form The Bludgeon Brothers tag team.

The tandem became a force to be reckoned with and were dominant ever since debuting their new act.

The tag team reached its peak at Wrestlemania 34.

Harper and Rowan took on The Usos and The New Day for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles in front of a reported crowd of 78,133 inside the Superdome in New Orleans.

The Usos walked in as the champs, but it was The Bludgeon Brothers that would walk out with the straps after a relatively short match.

Winning any match on such a grand stage is a special moment for any WWE wrestler.

To see Harper and Rowan get their moment in the sun was well deserved.

It was the only win Luke Harper would ever get at Wrestlemania and nobody can ever take that away.

3. Winning the TNT Championship

Details Behind AEW Offering Brodie Lee's 8-Year-Old Son A Contract -  EssentiallySports

As the ruthless leader of The Dark Order, Mr. Brodie Lee obliterated his way through any AEW wrestlers that stood in his way.

This led him on a collision course to the TNT Championship. Which was resting on the shoulder of Cody Rhodes at the time.

On the 13th of August last year, the pair met on Dynamite for a match with the organisations secondary title up for grabs.

Lee destroyed Cody in a jaw dropping squash match, battering his opponent in a way nobody has seen before or since.

It proved that Lee wasn’t a man to be messed with in his new home of AEW.

This feud would carry on with the pair meeting in a Dog Collar Match in October.

While it was a bona fide Match of the Year contender. It was the last match in the career of Brodie Lee. Sadly, we weren’t to know that at the time.

2. Challenging for the AEW Championship

AEW's Jon Moxley on Brodie Lee: "Expect an Absolute Storm of Violence" -  Paste

Before his reign as TNT champion, Brodie Lee took a swipe at AEW’s main man, Jon Moxley.

The match took place at Double or Nothing, one of the marquee events in the AEW calendar.

It was a thrilling brawl of an encounter between two ungodly talented individuals.

Both men met in some cracking matches during their time together in WWE. Their first meeting outside of those walls was a step up from anything we had seen from the two in the past.

While Brodie was unsuccessful on the night, it was refreshing to see him back to his best after an underwhelming time in WWE.

It was also a sign to those non-believers that Lee did belong in the big main event matches.

1. Winning the Intercontinental Championship

Luke Harper: Smackdown Live's Biggest Mistake - PWP Nation

Luke Harper would eventually break away from his brethren of the Wyatt Family and go off on a solo run of his own.

During this time, he proved that he truly was one of the best big men of his generation.

Anytime he was provided with an opportunity as Luke Harper, he would knock it out of the park.

His involvement in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match at Wrestlemania 31 and his great feud with Dolph Ziggler in 2014 was evident of that.

It was in that rivalry with Ziggler that gave Harper his crowning achievement in WWE.

His adversary was in possession of the prestigious Intercontinental Championship in 2014, which Luke Harper wanted.

That’s exactly what he would do on the November 17th episode of Raw.

It wasn’t a lengthy run with the title for Harper. It was the biggest moment in his solo career while with WWE.

The big man has his name in the history books as a former champion to one of the most historic championships in wrestling.

While he deserved much more in WWE, watching him walk around with that beautiful title around his waist was something that gave fans of his hope at the time.

He truly was a unique performer and belonged in the upper echelons in any elite wrestling company worth its salt.

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