The voice of Golf Peter Alliss passes away aged 89

In a year that has seen us loose some sporting legends, on Sunday we lost the voice of golf.

Peter Alliss, the legendary BBC commentator died aged 89 at the weekend. Alliss, had been the voice of golf on the BBC coverage for many years.

A quiet man who kept himself to himself, came across as the voice of the sport with his softly spoken tone of voice.

Made his debut behind the mic in 1961

He first appeared on the BBC back in 1961 and was made lead commentator in 1978.

His instantly recognisable voice was last heard on television back in November at the Masters.

As a player Alliss won no less than 31 tournaments. In 2012 he was rightly inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in the Lifetime Achievement category.

After retiring from playing, he fancied doing some commentating

After retiring from playing golf he quickly moved into the commentary seat. His first experience on the mic was at the 1961 Open Championship. Remarkably he was also playing in the event as well and eventually finished seven shots adrift of Arnold Palmer.

In 1978 he was promoted to the BBC’s chief golf commentator following the death of his co-host Henry Longhurst.

His instantly recognisable voice will be sorely missed

His gentle soothing voice was recognised by everybody around the world. He will always be remembered for so many classic quotes that the nation heard him say.

Classic quotes from Alliss

On Tiger Woods third round 81 at the 2002 Open. “It’s like turning up to hear Pavarotti sing and finding out he has laryngitis.”

Describing the rough on the 14th at Royal St. Georges one day he was waxing lyrical. “Looks a bit like Jurassic Park in there.”

But his classic has to be when he was describing poor weather conditions during a tournament in Scotland. “One of the good things about rain in Scotland is that most of it ends up as scotch.”

Not everybody’s favourite, but very few had a bad word against him

His style wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea in today’s modern art of broadcasting. However, he will certainly be sorely missed with his unique Allis style of broadcasting.

Nobody will ever be able to recreate his way of words and describing events around 18 holes of a golf course.

The legend Peter Alliss will never be forgotten in the world of golf. I was fortunate to meet the great man a few years ago and it was time I will always remember. His style on the mic was the same off it.

Yes, the world of golf wont be the same ever again with out hearing the whispering words of Mr Alliss.

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