Jurgen Klopp’s rant on kick off times and schedules doesn’t work with me

Well what a surprise. One of the top Premier League Managers having a rant about kick off times and schedules.

Recently, in Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Leicester Jurgen Klopp decided to voice his opinion in front of the watching nation.

Klopp has big pop at tv companies

Klopp blasted Sky Sports and BT Sport in his post-match interview urging the broadcasters to allow players more time to recover.

The Liverpool gaffer accused the broadcasters of not caring about players welfare and urged them to find a solution.

Angry man Klopp says it is all about the players

Klopp said “It was never about us when I spoke about it. It’s about all the players, England players and players who play next summer in the European Championships”.

“But if you-Sky don’t start talking to BT then we are all done. Sky and BT have to talk because if we keep playing on Wednesday and then Saturday at 12.30. I’m not sure if we finish the season with 11 players- all the top seven.”

He went on to add “But I know you [the broadcasters] don’t care and that’s the problem”.

Top level at unprecedented times will have problems

Calm down Mr Klopp. Look we are playing top level football at unprecedented times. Premiership sides have got to learn that they will always be the main attraction. But they must learn about giving and taking. One thing clearly Klopp has to remember.

When we had the first lockdown all Premiership sides were crying out to play football again, at whatever the cost.

Surely before the start of the new season all Premiership clubs would realise that it would be a very tight schedule of games. The top seven know that they are mostly going to be picked for television games.

When you are in demand you have to play when they want you to

Yes, schedules and timings are exceptionally tight. And will always be so while tv money dictates the game. The big clubs have to realise when you are on the main stage everybody wants to see you at all cost.

After all the Premiership sies are making the biggest money and also have the strongest squads. Forget this nonsense about players welfare. The idea of big squads is to allow you to rotate, so when you have congested fixtures then rotate your squad. It’s not rocket science after all guys.

Premiership players reap good rewards

The Premiership boys are clearly spoilt. Given the wages that players are on then anybody would welcome the chance to earn big money under pressure. Ask any player what would they rather be doing, playing, training or resting, then the majority would say playing.

My answer to Klopp’s outburst is stop complaining Jurgen, get on with the game. The supporters want to see action on the field, not moans and groans off it.

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