Football fans 1 Premier League 0. Premier League finally listen to fans

Premier League clubs have agreed to scrap the controversial pay per view broadcasts following outcry from fans and politicians.

It always looked like a non starter

Less than a month after the deal was announced, it was always looking like a non-starter. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed with football supporter groups around the country winning this tie hands down.

A formal decision is expected to be announced next week, but the 20 teams are unanimous in agreeing to an about turn.

Premier League insisting all games be shown live

There is also the strong possibility that the Premier League will insist that every game be shown live. Sky,BT Sport and Amazon Prime will be consulted about how they will share the extra games around.

This battle has been won by football fans who voted by not subscribing to these pay per view games.

To pay almost £15 on top of various subscriptions would never work

The original price of £14.95 per match was always a loser. Only the real die-hard fan would be prepared to shelve out their hard-earned cash for this pleasure.

Clubs listened to fans protests around the country, with at one time suggesting a £5 reduction. Even so at £9.95 per game this would still never take off.

Finally, the clubs have taken the correct decision to do away with this ridiculous decision to hit fans in the pocket.

Free screenings of games set from November 21st

The free screenings will begin from November 21st– after the international break and last until the middle of January. This will be on the assumption that every game will be broadcast over that period.

The strength of various football supporters groups helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.

Amazingly Newcastle United’s owner Mike Ashley recently said that charging £14.95 “in the current climate is not acceptable”.

This is so good to hear from an owner, who is expressing how other chairman are surely thinking.

Fans finally rewarded for their fight

As we head into another lockdown, which hopefully will last only for a month, fans of football have been rewarded for their fight. It would make so much sense to make all original games that where pay per view, now free to everybody.

For now, football fans have been put first instead of last in the field. Proving that if you keep on persisting with a fight, eventually sometimes you end up a well deserved winner.

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