Thank You, Anderson Silva!

Things got emotional at the UFC Apex after this past weekend’s fight night card. Emotional might not be the word you’d associate with two trained killers trying to destroy one and other. Surprisingly, the UFC will give you all the feels more times than you would expect.

Top ten middleweight contender Uriah Hall faced off against the legendary Anderson Silva this past weekend. Going into the fight it was highly touted as the last time we would see Silva fight in the organisation. With Silva himself even saying as much.

Silva has been fighting as a professional sine 1997.

To say his prime has long gone would be an understatement. He has only one win on his record in the last seven years. Now at the age of 45 it seems father time has caught up with Silva in this sport.

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Time To Go?

Silva is an enigma and idolised by almost everyone that has entered the world of mixed martial arts.

While he hasn’t outright confirmed this is the last time, I think a lot of us would like to think it is.

As I mentioned he isn’t a spring chicken for a professional athlete. He hasn’t had a real meaningful win since 2012, sorry Derek Brunson.

I for one have said openly here in the past that he’s the fighter that first grabbed my attention in this crazy sport. I’m still a massive fan and always will be but I personally don’t have a huge interest in seeing Silva fight again.

There is nothing better than a fighter leaving this sport on their own terms. Decline in performances is natural but watching a hero suffer a string of needless knock outs later in their careers is never fun. Just look at Chuck Liddell and BJ Penn as examples of that.

I would hate to see Anderson Silva fall into that category. A superstar past his prime getting wheeled out for his name value just to get finished by a younger talent.

If that’s what Silva does decide to do then nobody can knock him for it. Ultimately that is his choice, and it would be wrong of anyone to tell him otherwise. I just don’t see what he gains from stepping back in the cage.

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Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall

The middleweight division is crammed with elite talent. Realistically you can’t point anyone out of the top 15 and think Silva has a chance of beating them.

People gave him a shot against Uriah Hall due to their similar style. Besides, after Hall’s run on the Ultimate Fighter the comparisons were instantly evident to see in their striking abilities.

Silva looked sharp at the beginning of the fight, but you could tell Hall respected him. Once Hall began to let his strikes go the tables turned. Silva was knocked down late in the third round and finished in the fourth. Really showing that his chin is completely gone.

Hall didn’t do himself many favours been so hesitant to engage but Silva never really looked in control.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a horrific knock out but still watching Silva get beat down like that is never fun.

He really has nothing left to prove in the sport, the man has done it all.

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Middleweight King

His ungodly 16 fight winning streak in the UFC from 2006 until 2012 was outstanding. It’s still the longest win streak in UFC history.

He ruled the middleweight division as its champion for seven years. Clocking in the longest title reign in UFC history at 2457 days. During this run Silva racked up the most middleweight title defences in UFC history with ten consecutive defences. With 13 middleweight title fights overall, the most in UFC history.

The middleweight division belonged to Anderson Silva and he took on all comers.

He even made jumps up to light heavyweight and was successful up there for the most part.

Silva was a living highlight reel in his prime. Knockouts against Vitor Belfort, Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin will live on in UFC history books for as long as the organisation continues to operate. Moments like those are etched into the fabric of the sport and will always be remembered.

Again, Silva holds plenty of records for his finishing ability.

He has the most finishes in the middleweight division, most finishes in title fights in the division and most knockouts in UFC title fight history.

Anderson has done it all and won it all.

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Best For Everyone

Dana White has said that he would like to see him retire now and even regrets letting him fight against Hall. It would be difficult to find a fan that disagrees with the first part of that statement.

This really makes it difficult to see him fighting for the UFC again, despite having one fight left on his current deal.

Unfortunately, if he did want an MMA or boxing fight you would find promotors queuing up to have Anderson on their show.

Hopefully, we can draw a line under the professional career of Anderson Silva and appreciate the greatness.

After the fight this past weekend Anderson hung around and had a moment to himself in the octagon. He also had his family present in what could be interpreted as a goodbye.

While emotions can be a huge factor on the night fans will be hoping his family convenience him to hang up the gloves.

The decision should be his and his only, but his family will obviously help sway that decision.

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Life Away From The Cage

A lot of his contemporaries have left the sport and went on the be successful in other fields. This is a similar path Silva could take, he would have a lot of different avenues to explore outside of MMA.

He is adored in Brazil and would have no shortage of people looking to give him work. Whether that be in a media or television capacity. Silva has done some television and movie work in the past. Most notable appearing as a host on Ultimate Beastmaster.

Anderson is endlessly likeable and soft spoken. This really could be a transition that he could make. MMA is a universally enjoyed and respected sport these days and retiring fighters have more options available to them.

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Hard To See This Legend Leave

It’s hard to see your favourite fighter bow out. But fans would always prefer to see them walk away on their feet and not carried up off the canvas.

Anderson has not been on form for a long time now. I’m sure nobody knows that more than Anderson himself. But if he were the stick around and chase that fairy-tale ending it could easily end in disaster.

Everyone loves Anderson Silva. He inspired a generation of fighters to pursue mixed martial arts when they could have chosen a different path. That generation has caught up with him and they have arrived in the UFC.

Everyone’s day sadly must come, and it seems like that fight on Saturday was conclusive. Nobody wants to see that happen again to Silva and honestly if you do please don’t call yourself a fan of the man.

As I will always continue to say he was a hero of mine growing up. This really is a case of you hate to see him go but you love to watch him leave.

Thank you, Anderson Silva.

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