Could the possibility of a European breakaway league be on

Manchester United and Liverpool are among five Premier League clubs being targeted to launch a closed shop European breakaway league.

After the fallout of Project Big Picture, it appears the big clubs are after another big slice of a rich cake.

Florention Perez, has a lot to answer for

Florentino Perez is after the elite to join him in walking away from the Champions League.  His scheme, which is said to be supported by a £4.6 billion investment proposal from financers, is looking to be floating around.

Uefa was happy about seeing of the rebel proposals, stating that this is the third time Perez’s plan has surfaced in two years.

Understandably this has angered the football community. Attracting a major bank investment while other competitions face financial catastrophe, it just isn’t on.

Billionare owners getting out of control

Lets face it, how can football be relied upon to regulate itself? The billionaire owners of these clubs are completely out of control.

It emerged yesterday in Spain that no less than 18 European teams would be involved in the new league. Apart from Manchester United and Liverpool it remains unclear who else would be targeted. However, I think we can easily guess the other sides. Take your pick from Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham.

Remember, that United and Liverpool were at the forefront of Project Big Picture. That failed but will this one fail.

More power for the biggest clubs

After all this is clearly a plan to once again give new powers to the biggest clubs.

With the failure of PBP, talks over a bail out of the EFL are back at square one. The lower league clubs voted against their offer of a £20 million grant. Several League One and Two sides genially fear that they could go bust before Christmas.

Prize money for the winners in the new league is reported to be worth an obscene £913 million. That is virtually ten times as much as the Champions League winners’ pocket. No wonder they are very interested in taking part in this league.

But wasn’t this the same teams that a while ago were complaining on playing to many matches in any season.

Surely the Premier League have failed in these desperate times

The simple fact is the Premier League have failed in their duty to run football during these desperate times. Once again it is a case of we are only interested in looking after ourselves.

Lets make as much money as possible and leave the over sides lagging well behind in the financial race.

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