Time to pay up for more Premier League games

The Premier League was facing a revolt from supporters after fans will be charged almost £15 to watch some matches. The league decided that half of the games for the rest of this month and start of next would be on pay-per-view.

News of the £14.95 charge by both Sky Sports and BT Sport Box Office channels hasn’t gone down well. Understandably, the genuine football fan is being kicked in the teeth once more.

Only one of the twenty clubs voted against

Only Leicester City voted against the initiative at a meeting yesterday. Well done to Leicester, you are echoing the thoughts of football lovers around the country.

This move seems crazy when you consider that for the past six months some matches have been shown for free. 

Over a billion spent in transfer window

Consider this stat if you will. The 20 Premier League clubs have spent £1.2 billion between them during the summer transfer window. This at a time when all other football clubs are severely struggling.

This week alone one club paid £3 million to get rid of a player and another made a mascot redundant. The broadcasting companies happily proclaiming that all revenue will go back to the Premier League.

In terms of money, the Premier League keep complaining that they are losing big revenue. No, losing revenue is true, but not big money for a league that generates billions.

Are the clubs really being generous to their fans?

Are the clubs generally supporting their fans at this difficult time.? Only the lower league clubs are doing this at this present time. Many clubs are streaming games to fans at a reasonable cost. These clubs are in dire need of revenue coming in.

Football fans, many of which are more than prepared to fork out at a reasonable cost for this pleasure.

When Project Restart was given the green light in the summer to finish the season, it was to make games accessible. Some were made free to air and all televised at no additional cost.

This has now been ignored. The country is under a financial hardship for most people as well as mental health issues which are increasing.

Fans as always being treated second best

It is just ridiculous that fans can watch games in pubs and cinemas, but not in a stadium. The fans once again like always are being treated second best.

How will season ticket holders be treated when it comes to pay-per-view matches.? Surely, they should be allowed to view free of charge. As for other fans then if you are going to ask them to stump up almost £15 then make it just 5.

The best option really is to still make them all free to view in the Premier League.  This would send out the perfect PR for the Premiership and would also keep fans on their side. Otherwise more and fans will turn to illegal streams for their viewing.

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