Premier League B teams into the EFL, surely not!

Earlier this week a Premier League chief executive suggested the introduction of Premier League B teams into the EFL.

The person in question was Manchester City’s Ferran Soriano who said this was due to the unsustainability of the EFL structure.

Premier League U21

The issue of having Premier League U21 sides to the EFL Trophy competition back in 2016 caused a big debate. That move hasn’t seen a rise in attendances in the competition when the B sides are playing.

The English Football League is facing unprecedented financial strain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The EFL desperately needs help. But the answer surely can’t be by playing B teams in the Football League.

‘B’ Team

Yes, by playing young players it will give them a chance to develop and will help their career. However, the down side would be  they will have to play in B teams, or the more sensible approach to loan them out.

If the big boys really want to help out the clubs in the EFL then money is the key. The answer is surely for them to filter money down to the lower leagues and beyond.

The English Football League has been around for 132 years.  I am sorry to say this, but we simply can’t have B teams allowed into the League. In my opinion this would never work.

Fans of the EFL are only interested in playing against other league clubs, not B teams. Let’s face it, who would really want to see a B side up against a Bury or other side.

Manchester City

I generally feel this is a classic case of the Premier League only interested in themselves. Communities around the country deserve their own football team. These are the people that really care about their clubs. They are not interested in seeing a Man City B team.

The fact is this that if this idea went ahead it would ruin the football pyramid as we know it.  Could you possibly imagine at the end of the season a Man.City B team are champions of League Two?

Yes, it’s a funny old game, but please can we leave it as it is for the sake of football.

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