Age is just a number, or is it as Barker, Dawson and Tufnell are axed

First, we had Sky Sports saying they were going to get rid of the regular core of people on Soccer Saturday. Now, much to my horror the BBC have announced they are getting rid of the trio on A Question of Sport.

No more Barker, Dawson and Tuffers on our screen

Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell will no longer be on our screens ahead of a new series.

After Sky dispensed with the services of Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson and now this from the BBC. What is happening to our tv screens?

World’s longest running tv sports quiz show

A Question of Sport is the world’s longest running tv sports quiz show. What has made the programme such a long running success is down to the presenter and captains. Barker, Dawson and Tufnell blend together so well, just like a trio who have know each other for ages.

It seems to be the way of television companies to want to get rid of the older brigade.  Yes, I fall into that category being 61 so I know how they feel.

Sir Ian Botham, David Gower, Clive Tyldesley and others have all falling the way of the axe.

Age definitely goes against you

Certainly, nobody can argue that our national broadcasters need to be more diverse. The one thing that Botham, Gower, Tyldesley and Barker have in common is they are all over 60.

Age has done it for all of them. Barker is the perfect face for A Question of Sport. Having watched the programme for decades the programme is largely enjoyed by people of experience.

In the pre-Covid19 pandemic days there was an audience of older people who thoroughly enjoyed the style of the show. Several million who tune in every week enjoying the company of the trio is the main reason for its enormous success.

These people are their heroes, sports stars they had long ago watched in awe on an international stage. The three have bought so much happiness and laughter to their lives, soon no more.

New blood lined up for the new series

There are strong rumours that the new team captains will be Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott. Both excellent broadcasters who should have plenty of regular spots on different shows.

The very reason the public love A Question of Sport is that it has been around forever doing the same things.

By removing Barker and co, will this really bring in a new youthful audience. The proof will be in the pudding. But somehow I don’t feel the new breed of presenter and captains will outrun the older ones.

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