Bayern v PSG – The UCL Final.

Two heavyweights take to the field tonight in the search for Champions League glory. While most neutrals are leaning towards the German giants this could well be the year it goes to Paris.

The Dislike of PSG.

Interestingly though is the view of why a massive majority of people will be rooting for the Germans. Nobody seems to actually like PSG! Owned by the ruler of Qatar, the endless pit of money is not uncommon in footballing circles with Manchester City also under similar owners. But whereas City gain respect for their footballing methods PSG do not seem to be able to endear themselves to the general public.

Their flagship player Neymar has undoubted talent but a selfish streak and glory complex seem to turn fans away from him. Then we have Mbappe who is viewed as the nearest talent to Messi but clearly values money over legacy. Which is why these two goliaths of the game ploy their trade in a league with no respect or prestige.

Then we have the manner in which they play football. Since the introduction of Var we have thankfully been ridden of diving and cheating for penalties. But PSG and Neymar in particular seem insistant on spending a huge portion of the game in yesteryear rolling around the pitch.

Munich are no saints.

So while I agree somewhat with the views on PSG I am also not endeavoured with the German giants. 8 titles in a row domestically shows the their sheer dominance of the league. Their methods are equally questionable as they simply dominate talent as effectively as they dominate the league.

Bayern have adopted a very clever transfer policy over the years. Identify and secure young talent. Sign and send them to feeder clubs to develop with clauses to repurchase years later if needed. This ensures that the top talent is never out of reach. Secondly of course they just bully the clubs around them by sewing up their best players as soon as it becomes competitive. Matt Hummels and Lewandowski were quick to exit BVB when Bayern came calling.

A must win game for both.

It makes this final a must win for both clubs as they are so dominant in their own country. The only way to make recognisable history is to conquer Europe. This final will literally be a battle of the giants both on and off the field.

Bayern have not been tested.

Bayern have been impressive but bloated opinions of them are sky rocketing after their demolision job on Barcelona. Yes they were impressive but the Catalans are a spent force. Weak mentally and getting old physically they are like a wounded animal.

Lyon though asked questions of them and exposed them multiple times with their high line. With more quality up front they would have scored at least one goal which would have changed the face of the game. While watching one was reminded of how Liverpool cut through them last season the only difference was the finishing. I expect Neymar and Mbappe to put these chances away.

German mentality.

Of course the German strength is one of unity. Thomas Miller shared his MOTM award with his team mates and stated nothing is won yet. Cold and calculated. With Serge Gnabry in blistering form flanked by Perisic on the opposite side their blueprint is superb. Attack the flanks, create 1v1 with these wingers and deliver. The Bayern way! Then the jewel in the crown Lewandowski will deliver the crushing blow.

PSG see the game similarly with Di Maria and Neymar providing the width. The only exception is they are not soley there for the team. Style over substance. But equally as dangerous in the final third. They have blown chances to reach this stage in recent years so surely their motivation must be at peak to finally make their goal. The owners have all but created this side to achieve exactly this.

Place your bets.

In deciding on which to place my marker on i am leaning towards Munich based on being a better cohesive unit. A more finely tuned machine which of course when German usually means victory.

But, this will be a different test than they have had thus far. Can the Munich defence keep Mpabbe and Neymar quiet all night? These are the games which are won by your big players. Wingers will prevail but which side has the stomach for success. I’m predicting a Thomas Miller goal and the Germans to overcome Paris. 2 – 1.

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