The dreaded curse of bad light in cricket

Just what is happening with cricket lovely cricket at the moment. In the current test series between England and Pakistan we have had constant stoppages during the day.

After losing half of the opening day’s play and then 90 minutes on the second morning, we then stop for lunch.

Can we please just get on with the game

This after only an hours play. We have also seen players coming off for bad light when floodlights are shining brightly. If this had been a one-day international or a Twenty 20 play would have carried on.

The game of Test Cricket continues to create problems

This must not be allowed to continue as Test cricket continues to shoot itself in the foot. The amount of time and hard work that the ECB has gone into staging international matches must be praised.

By the time Australia visit our shores next month there would have been 18 scheduled matches behind closed doors. The effort that Steve Elworthy and the team have gone into making these games happen is exceptional.

Along with the large amount of money paid to use chartered flights to get opponents into the country. Also, the amount of broadcasting revenue that keeps the game ticking along has been saved by two teams.

West Indies and Pakistan players were prepared to live on site for many weeks in difficult circumstances. Despite all of this the players clearly just want to get on and play the game that they love.

Time not to blame the officials, but regulations

One has some sympathy for the officials who after all are only following regulations. Because of these out of date regulations they seem to want to find any way they can to not actually play.

This was highlighted by a farcical second day of the second test at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. The fact that the players had to come off for lunch after playing for only an hour was laughable.

Surely, we have come to a point now where we must be flexible with lunch and tea breaks.  Cricket is desperately looking to attract new fans. By having situations that we witnessed this week then that is just not going to happen.

Common sense should prevail in all forms of cricket. Luckily, there were no fans in the ground present to witness this farce. However, there was a large contingent of cricket lovers watching on tv screens around the world who were unhappy.

The regulations state that once the level of light has been taken for the first time, that sets a precedent. If there reaches a point where the light is unplayable due to dangerous bowling, then that is a different matter.

Common sense must be used in Test Cricket

At times not just in this test and series but previous ones this summer there has been no instance of dangerous bowling. If intimidating bowling was happening, then common sense by the umpires should take the players off for bad light.

Otherwise for the sake of cricket then they really should continue on to play. There was a couple of incidents this week when both sets of players were bemused by the decision to come off.

Cricket like all sport in these challenging times somehow has to try and get the action played. After all this is an entertainment industry and all people just want is somehow to be entertained.

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