John Sheridan angers LOI fans by allegedly calling it a “Pub League”

Waterford United manager John Sheridan was called out last night by Dundalk boss Vinny Perth after allegedly calling the League of Ireland a ‘Pub League’.


Thousands of the leagues fans took to social media last night to vent their anger at the lack of respect shown by the former Republic of Ireland player.

“Sheridan an Asshole why doesn’t he piss back off to England and manage a pub team. Waterford FC you should be well proud of this disrespectful so called manager!”

Said one fan, while another commented..

“John Sheridan is an absolute prick, he is lucky there is no fans at the games as there would be up roar, Why the hell would he come and manage in the league if he think if it’s a fucking pub league, coming from a manger who’s been managing in conference and hasn’t managed someone higher than league 1”


While one Dundalk fan made his feelings well and clearly known..

“Fuck me we are trying to promote our league and when I say we mean everyone of us. As a Dundalk fan I have had the pleasure of packing bags to keep our club alive to magical nights in Tallaght. Trust me this year we have hit a brick wall and Rovers are flying but this clown abusing our league I’m not having From Finn Harps to Cobh Ramblers we have to stand together on this attack on our league”

Sheridan’s past managerial positions were also called into question.

“Made the same comments when he was managing in League One and Two. Got sacked from every job he had. Another who thinks he’s an oracle of the game because he played at a high level. Says more about him as a manager if he can only get a job in a “pub league”.”

No class

One supporter was highly unhappy with Sheridan’s alleged sledging of Dundalk boss Perth.

“If Perth’s comments are true then Waterford should release Sheridan from his contract. He has disrespected both the league and his own players. And then telling another manager that he’s getting sacked! Absolutely no class, if true.”

But not all supporters of the league took the same angle as Vinny Perth also got it in the neck.

“Perth clutching to his job. Absolutely no reason to bring this up it was in heat of moment between 2 managers bad form by Perth whether it has been said or not said.
Does anyone remember the uproar from the Kenny Shiels sectarian comment by the Cork management, turned out to be a loaf of balls. Perth should concentrate on the fact his team have now dropped 10 points concentrate on that”


Match reporter for Waterford’s WLR radio added..

“I was at the match reporting for WLR. I interviewed John Sheridan after the game. He described Dundalk as ‘a team who play good football and they can hurt you’. Who telling pokies?”

And then there was those that were in some way agreeing with the Waterford boss.

“IF Sheridan said that, he’s probably right in a way. From the antics at his own club. To the total amateur carry on of all premier clubs (bar Rovers of course) all acting in their own self interests in how they wanted the league to restart. That was probably his first introduction to this league”

And then there was the simple post of..

“Sacked for being 100% right?”

There is no doubt that the alleged comments has stirred up alot of anger and debate. And as of yet we still have no evidence of these comments being made or confirmation from Sheridan himself.

A nation holds its breath!

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