Jack Charlton gave Ireland much more than just Football

Jack Charlton has sadly passed away at the age of 85.

The former Leeds United centre half helped England win the World Cup in 1966.

But here in Ireland he was a God. A man who brought so much joy not only to the Irish football fan but to an entire nation.

He gave us great moments and great memories. He indirectly changed the mindset of a nation to a bullish ‘Yes we can’ attitude.

For a generation of Irish people our nostalgic memories go hand in hand and run parallel with the ups and downs of the Irish Footballing National Team.

Jack didn’t just give us football, he gave us parties with friends and celebrations and hugs with absolute strangers. The good times.

Ireland owes Jack Charlton more than a tip of the cap to his footballing achievements. Jack united a country more than any politician or musician ever could.

He gave us a love for our country, our people and helped us hold our head up high in this world.

Through winning games and Jack’s bullish manner he gave us a belief that we can achieve anything. The boom in 90’s Ireland spawned from the positive vibe Jack sent out.

But we will always be in huge debt to Jack for the happiness he brought to a nation who at that time of the troubles and high unemployment was in dire need of a lift.

We all have a story of where we were at a certain Ireland game. What happened and where we ended up after the games that night. We smile when we talk about these great moments.

What a legacy to leave behind, to leave an entire country with so many happy moments and tales.

From the bottom of a nation’s heart…. Thank you Jack.

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