Liverpool FC : The 30 year wait!

Back in 1990 Liverpool sealed their 18th League title and were sitting comfortably on their perch. The boot room style of management that seen past players become an assembly line of winning managers was thriving.

The club went through a crisis both mentally and physically that tested the very fabric of every person involved. But the people of Liverpool found a way to continue.

A bond was formed and through thick and thin the players and supporters alike have found a way to push forward.

Fleeting success in 2001 with a quadruple of Cups under Gerard Houllier and in 2005 through a miracle comeback in Istanbul paved over the cracks.

The club were then nearly taken to the wire and were too close for comfort with administration under Gillette and Hicks.

The turning point was in 2010 when FSG and American businessman John Henry took over the clubs debt and invested in the brand of Liverpool.

Brendan Rodgers was brought on board in a gamble on a young hungry manager with a moneyball strategy for signings. He almost pulled off the impossible dream with a roller-coaster season ending in narrow defeat.

FSG took no time in dispatching Rodgers when things turned sour after losing the world class Luis Suarez and some poor replacements. The next appointment was one that would change the fortunes of the club.

Jurgen Klopp rolled into Anfield fresh from a rest after departing a successful tenure at Dortmund. Rock and Roll football was his brand and his air of confidence was infectious.

An instant connection with the fans was made and despite a few non believers after a late draw with West Brom he slowly began to turn fortunes.

Clever recruitment with Salah and Mane were pivotal and under the radar. Klopp was always very deliberate in his signings with a long wait finally landing Virgil Van Djik.

Klopp has had 2 incredible seasons now back to back. 97 points last season was something that would either make or break the team. 31 games later. 1 loss. 1 draw. Liverpool having destroyed a hapless Crystal Palace to secure an amazing 86 points to secure their first title in 3 decades!

The celebrations for Liverpool might not be done in a packed stadium but will surely be going on in every red house across the world. No longer will it be a case of “our year next year”…. Liverpool have finally climbed back on top of the footballing mountain.

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