Is Jadon Sancho to Manchester United the done deal we are led to believe?

Borussia Dortmund’s young star striker Jadon Sancho continues to be the subject of intense transfer speculation, and his recent hat-trick against Paderborn has only served to increase the chatter.

Numerous press reports continue to link Sancho with a move back to the Premier League, and last week we also saw respected Spanish publication, AS, link the in demand striker to Real Madrid.

If the media reports are to be believed, it’s Manchester United who are the club in pole position to sign Sancho.

The striker has also been previously linked with Chelsea and Liverpool. Although the rumours of him arriving on Merseyside seem to have subsided recently.

But what are all of these rumours based on? Is it substance, or just conjecture?

Up until only last week we were continually told Timo Werner was going to Liverpool, and now it looks like he will be ending up at Chelsea.

So is it a similar thing with Sancho? Will it be Old Trafford, or will it be somewhere else? Here we look at the pros and cons of a possible transfer to Old Trafford.

Sancho seems a good fit for Old Trafford

Starting with the pros, and the main source of this story – I believe – is the fact that United are able and prepared to buy him. Put simply, they have the finances.

United are one of the few clubs whose finances seem to be insulated from the Covid-19 fallout.

Theatre of Dreams

The club have also made noises suggesting they are going to spend during any downturn. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer recently told Sky Sports that as one of the world’s biggest clubs, they need to be ready to exploit any potential transfer situations that could benefit the club.

“There might be just a situation there where you can exploit, and I know that we at Man United we are one of the biggest, and the biggest, financially well-off.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, April 2020

With Sancho aged just 20, he would clearly fit the profile of player United would be after.

He is young enough to give them years of good service, similar to that of Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand. And despite the lofty price tag, he is young enough to sell on for a similar amount, or profit, like with Ronaldo.

Either way, it looks like a low risk transfer.

But are those facts enough to suggest the transfer is a done deal? And there are also a good number of reasons why I think this transfer is less than certain.

Could Ed Woodward block the deal?

Starting at the top, and let’s look at Ed Woodward. Now despite the fact United have the money, by trade, Woodward is a money man, rather than a footballing man.

Ed Woodward

So does this mean that when it comes to sanctioning big transfers, his money head will take precedent – like what appears to be happening at Anfield. In times of uncertainty, people who are good with money, tend to sit on their hands.

Good investors only seem interested in buying at rock bottom prices in time of uncertainty, not splashing out. And whatever way you dress it up, buying Sancho would be splashing out.

What of the Harry Kane rumours?

Second, and slightly contradicting my first point, what about the Harry Kane rumours?

Let’s say for a minute that my first point is totally wrong (and it may well be), and United are to splash the cash this summer, might we all be looking in the wrong direction?

United already have Marcus Rashford and the up and coming Mason Greenwood on their books. Do they want another young prospect, or would they rather have the finished article?

If Harry Kane is available, might United buying the Spurs striker be a better option than signing Sancho? Kane is the finished article now. And at the moment, he looks more like what this team is crying out for.

Even with money to spend, it surely would be one of Kane or Sancho, not both.

Is Sancho too good for United?

The next reason why Sancho to United might not make sense – and fans won’t like this – is the player’s ambitions.

He has already forced his way out of Manchester City to further his career, and he might not see United as a club that matches his ambitions. Look at United’s recent record, could Sancho really be confident of winning things if he goes there?

If Sancho’s main priority is money, then going to United would make sense. They will pay the biggest of big bucks. But Sancho might be more interested in winning trophies.

And he will also know that no matter where he ends up, he will be paid enough.

Another thing that goes against United is that when Sancho does decide to leave Dortmund, he will surely have the pick of any club in the world. So the prospect of playing at either Real Madrid or Barcelona, might be a more appealing option than Old Trafford!

Of course this is all conjecture of our very own. Who knows where this excellent young prospect will end up, he might even stay at Dortmund.


Playing another season alongside the exciting Erling Haaland doesn’t sound the worst idea in the world.

And from Dortmund’s point of view, imagine the value of both players in 12 months time if their respective careers continue on the upward curve they are currently on.

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