Interview with GB and England Hockey player Izzy Petter

Great Britain and England Hockey player Izzy Petter has already had a successful start to her career. The 19-year-old from Surrey has represented both England and Great Britain after making her senior debut at just 18.

Despite the lockdown causing problems for all athletes, Izzy has been keeping herself busy.

“At first it was quiet a nice break and I enjoyed not such much passion and everything and was kinda doing the training that I wanted to do as we’ve been given the flexibility away from the programme, and I also managed to fit into the uni modules which I was meant to being doing next year. I’m missing hockey but I’ve enjoyed a break from it, but I’m really ready to go back to it now.” she said.

Izzy, currently plays for Loughborough Students who have had a mixed season.

“It was a weird season for us because we were up and down and we weren’t in the play-offs, despite it coming down to the last game which was really stressful, but it was a really enjoyable season.” she said. “But for all the teams that would have been going for the play-offs, they are all a bit gutted, because it’s a really nice occasion at Lee Valley.”

When news broke that this years Olympics would have to be cancelled, Izzy wasn’t to surprised about the news.

“It was a weird one because we all went down into lockdown and we sort of had the inkling that it’s not going to happen and we all anticipated that it would be postponed, so it wasn’t like a massive shock and when it did happen everybody felt a bit weird like all that work that we had done, obviously it’s not for nothing, but the thought of having to do it all again is a bit daunting for older players who are thinking of retiring, but for me personally it won’t affect me to much as I think another years training as I am still quiet young and I need a bit more experience and I think this year would have been a bit of a push for me and next year I will have more experience and more time with the team.” she said.

Izzy has certainly had some highs in her short career to date do far. She recalls a special goal she scored against Belarus.

“I think it was the first touch of the game and getting that first goal for GB and England was amazing. It was one of the best years I will ever have in my life really.” It was a bit weird really because I was in a gap year and I suddenly got a call up and I was like Woow my whole life has changed in a day.”

When asked what’s the best goal  that Izzy has ever scored she points out about a wonder goal in an Olympic qualifier last year.

“The Olympic qualifiers was the most nerve raking weekend I’ve ever experienced in my life because there was so much on it with qualification on it.” she said.” Chile were quiet unknown to us. I ended up taking the ball of the half back and just dribbled into the D. None of the Chile players tried to tackle me and I just thought I’m going to slap it into the goal, and it went in and everyone went crazy.”

As regards the future of the sport starting up again, it is very much up in the air.

“We’ve had a few updates from GB Hockey about when we are going to get back training, but what that looks like they don’t know yet.” she said. “It’s going to be very interested to see what happens and hopefully by next summer with the Olympics it should hopefully have calmed down.”

Interview with Izzy Petter

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