Interview with GB tennis player Tiffany William

Great Britain tennis player Tiffany William has been playing the sport since she was just nine years of age. At 14 she represented GB and three years later was awarded a tennis scholarship to the USA.

Tiffany, is another young up and coming Brit who is having to deal with the worrying situation of playing no tennis this year.

As regards the lockdown, Tiffany is keeping very active.

“I’m still trying to do as much as possible, but it still feels weird not playing tennis every day.” she said. “I’ve had to figure out a different regime, which isn’t a big deal as I’m used to adapting. I’m having to do different things in terms of fitness, and I’ve been trying to wake up every single day at 6.30, just to get a productive day going. I’m also doing some You tube’s and doing some work outs on there.”

Tiffany, graduated with a BA in psychology at 21, a subject that she has always been fascinated by.

“I’ve always loved the mind and kind of understanding it.” she said. “Abnormal and criminal psychology is my favourite part and I’ve always been intrigued by that.”

At the lower end of the scale, finance in tennis is always an issue that will face a high percentage of players. But at this present moment in time, both men and women playing the sport are speaking out about this.

“One thing that this coronavirus situation is that it is bringing people together, because a lot of the players are getting together and are making these governing bodies understand that in these times like this the lower level players and lower ranked players are struggling in terms of finance.” she said. “They are putting it to the governing bodies to help support these players and I hope something good will come of that. Thankfully I’m not struggling to much as I’m supported by my parents, thankfully I’m not struggling as much as other players who are dependant on making money to contribute to their tennis.”

The last time Tiffany was seen on a court was back in November 2019 in Stockholm, but she was carrying an injury at the time.

“I played one week before that and I made the quarters.” she said. “But I was holding on to an injury in my hip area, so in that second week I shouldn’t have actually played that match, but I was so determined to play it, but unfortunately I had to retire and I haven’t played a professional match since then as the injury has been quiet bad.”

Tiffany highlighted that any player starting up in the sport is going to need money and the help of sponsors.

“To start off in any sport, you are going to need an influx of cash and sponsors, which is the situation I’m in right now.” she said. “I have everything that I need, it’s just you need the money to travel as travelling and accommodation is the most expensive part of the tennis.”

If any tennis is likely to feature this year, then the likely option is behind closed doors. Tiffany has her doubts on this.

“I guess it would work, but I still think it will be quiet difficult as you have the umpires, the tournament director and without spectators especially at the lower levels, you need that support and that drive and to do it on your own would be pretty tough.” she said. “It would be weird, but I defiantly hope it wouldn’t have to stay like that for an extended time if it did happen.”

During the past couple of weeks there has been talk of both the WTA joining up with the ATP.

“I would say it would be beneficial.” she said. “I think in the long run it makes sense because we are all playing the same sport, we are all one body.” she added “I don’t see why the men should have separate rules and separate things that they do  from the WTA, and I think it should be equal because the women haven’t been favoured as much in the past, so it would be helpful to have one body.” I like the idea that Federer and Novak[djokovic] are coming out and speaking to the fact that the women deserve the same rights as the men, and I think it’s a step in the right direction.”

Interview with Tiffany William

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