American inducted as ‘Queen of East Belfast’ by Glentoran FC

‘Morgan Day’ anniversary this week

23/04/2005. A day that will live long in the hearts of most Glentoran fans. On that day, the side from East Belfast were playing their bitter rivals, Linfield, at the Oval, with Linfield being a point ahead of Glentoran at the top of the table before kick off. With a point being enough to ensure another title for Linfield, the game was affectively, a title decider. In the previous summers transfer window, Chris Morgan had made the short trip across Belfast to sign for “The Glens,’ in a move that would prove pivotal. Going into the final seconds, with the game tied 2-2 and the title surely heading back to Windsor Park, up steps Morgan, who had won 3 titles with¬† Linfield, to slot home from close range and send the huge, by Irish League standards, 12,000 strong crowd into delirium, which eventually lead to a pitch invasion, crowd trouble and police intervention. The following week, Glentoran clinched the title and a legend was born.

Chris Morgan celebrates his vital goal against his former club

Back to the present day, and on this 15th anniversary week of ‘Morgan Day’, Glentoran have been celebrating on social media using #morganday, sharing clips and interviews with players that took part in the game, as well as showing a full game replay this weekend. It’s the hashtag, however, that has lead to an American, named Morgan Day from Oklahoma, being crowned ‘Queen of East Belfast’ by Gelntoran.

Morgan, bemused by a hashtag of her name doing the rounds hundreds of miles away across the Atlantic, posted on twitter commenting on her new found fame.

In response to which, Gelntoran, or maybe the chicken Morgan was referring to,¬† crowned her ‘The Queen of East Belfast,’ kitting her out in a retro Glens shirt and scarf.

Lovely stuff. Who says social media is all doom and gloom? Happy Morgan Day Glens fans, as for you Linfield fans, best go return into hiding for the remainder of the week.

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