Six things to do whilst missing Football

How many days is it into ‘quarantine’ now? Feels like a lifetime already, doesn’t it?

Passing the time and trying to find ways to cover the giant hole, being football, in many of our lives, can be somewhat challenging. Not sure why the other half seems so happy?

Therefore, let’s put our optimistic hats on and look at six ways we can get our fix whilst stuck at home, until everything resumes once again.

Premier League Years : This is Sky Sports long running show which serves up some cracking moments and memories from down the years in our top division. From Keegan’s rant in 1996 to Aguero’s last minute title winner in 2012. I often used to wonder how this programme got so much air-time. Recently I have discovered exactly why. (Will require a sky sports subscription of some sort or just beg a friend for their log in!

BBC IPlayer : This catch up channel is showing a range of football related programmes, right now. From full re-runs of England’s past succsesses failures to in-depth discussion & player features. A few to mention include Croatia v England from Euro 2004. This is a full replay of England’s 4-2 victory over the 2018 World Cup finalists (aired on 28th of March but available on catch up). Other shows include Match of the day: Top 10, FA Cup rewind & the Men and Women’s latest World Cup ‘stories’ from 2018 & 2019 respectively.

YouTube : This channel offers a complete package of any football rewind you wish to relive or to see for the very first time. From the Premier League’s best goals to goalkeeper bloopers and greatest ever matches. This platform can kill many hours!

Twitter : If you are a user of this platform then there may be no better time to get all of those engaging, influential and ground-breaking thoughts and opinions you have about the game off your chest for all of your (14) followers to see! Despite Twitter’s pitfalls it stills serves as a fantastic way to communicate and discuss all things related to your team or any football matter. Where has all the talk about VAR gone…

Books : If none of the above do enough for you then now is the perfect time to reach for that autobiography, memoir or perhaps that dusty old book in the garage with the laws of the game inside. Once you are back in the pub with your friends you can excite/bore them with all your in-depth knowledge. If they choose to go back to self-isolation after spending time with you, don’t take it personally!

Quiz : Why not put all your footballing expertise to the test and organise, or get involved in an online quiz with friends, family or whoever you are most confident of beating! With lots of apps available to video call with many friends simultaneously, this could be the time to show off all your knowledge. It also enables you to quickly log off and escape when you forget which year England won the World Cup!

However you choose to spend your hours at home during this break, let’s all picture the golden day when it returns and just how much more we will all appreciate our beautiful game.

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