Liverpool and Leeds United to be handed the ‘Sentimental’ title? The Leagues must be finished!

We all have to admit and we are happy to admit that Liverpool have been the best team in the Premier League this season. Dropping points in only two games has been highly impressive. No team has come anywhere near the consistency that the reds have shown.

The coronavirus has put the league on hold with an ambitious but unlikely date of April 3rd is penciled in for a return. The Premier League have decided they will hold an emergency meeting on Thursday 19th March to establish plans for the remainder of the season.

There are many scenarios and ideas on how the league could play out. West Ham’s Karren Brady wants to the league to be called null and void, which isn’t a surprise. The hammers would certainly benefit from starting all over again as they are currently in a relegation battle.

Another idea that has been branded about is that if the season cannot be completed then Liverpool should be handed the title. Again we all agree that so far in the season that Livepool have been fantastic. But mathematically they haven’t won it. To give it to them would be merely be an acknowledgment of how well they played and a bit of a pity title donated to a club thirty years in the waiting.

Liverpool fan’s deserve more. They deserve a chance to see their team complete the task of actually winning the league. To get a chance of a meaningful celebration in the city if that goal is achieved. They surely don’t want a league title with an asterisk mark beside it.

If it did happen that Liverpool were given the title as the league table stands, then how would that affect the other team positions? The relegation battle sees six teams separated by just seven points. Three of those teams including one in the bottom three are separated only on goal difference. If the ‘Liverpool’ ruling was to be applied and the league was finalised by the current league standings then Norwich, Aston Villa and Bournemouth would be immediately relegated.

If that was to be applied then could those clubs look for legal advice? Millions of pounds would be lost to these clubs in a league that never finished. But applying the ‘Liverpool’ rule and handing them the title would mean the league would be committing to that procedure. They cant have one rule for the top of the table and another for the bottom of the table.

Like Liverpool there is talk of a sentimental title and promotion to be handed to Leeds United. The Yorkshire club have been outside the top flight for sixteen years and it would be a huge blow if Karren Brady’s ‘null and void’ idea was to be applied. The other ideas branded about is of no relegation from the Premier League and the top two teams from the Championship gaining promotion to make a twenty two team league next season. I’m sure with nine games to go and only six points adrift Fulham would have a thing to say about that.

There is nothing to say that the start of the 2020/21 season is going to start as normal. If anything there has been health officials saying a peak may not hit until the end of June/start of July. I would like to see this season finished even if that meant rescheduling it to finish by then end of 2020. That’s all European leagues, all european competitions. And unfortunately there is a loss, which would be the 2020/21 season. For the first half of 2021 there would need to be a short season. Unprecedented actions for unprecedented times.

On the quiz show Mastermind, original host Magnus Magnusson and current host John Humphrys have a saying when they are interrupted in the middle of a question from the ‘times up’ buzzer..

“I’ve started so I’ll finish”.

Let’s hope the league’s around europe use the Mastermind mantra and not forgetting the efforts put in by all the teams this season and to finish what they started. The Liverpool fans deserve it, the Leeds fans deserve it, all the teams challenging for various positions deserve it and the integrity of all the leagues across europe deserve it.

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