Premier League Hall of Fame: Who will get in?

The Premier League has recently revealed that it will launch its own official Hall of Fame to honour the on-field talent that have graced the league since its inception in 1992. The first two inductees will be decided by a fan vote from a shortlist of nominees and will be announced on Thursday the 19th of March.

The first two inductees could really be a number of players due to talent that has been on display throughout the past 27 years. So, let’s make it a bit harder and predict the first five players that will enter the Premier League Hall of Fame. Just to crank up the heat let’s do it order.  

Also, just because the internet is a place where villainy knows no bounds here are some honourable mentions that just missed out, so things don’t end in tears.

Honourable Mentions: Dennis Bergkamp, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Matt Le Tissier, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Gianfranco Zola, Petr Cech and Peter Schmeichel.

Before we begin the Premier League did set some ground rules for their Hall of Fame. Players must be retired from active football to be considered so while lads like Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero and Cristiano Ronaldo will have their day of glory, they aren’t eligible. A players Premier League career is only taken into consideration also.

Now with that bit of admin out of the way lets get into it and prepare to disagree with each other.

5. John Terry

Not the best start for making friends I know. He may have been a controversial figure in his day but even his biggest critics can’t deny the man’s ability.  

He has been a constant figure in the back line of Chelsea for over 15 years.

He made 492 league appearances with the blues. In that time, he became the clubs highest scoring defender in its history by netting 41 league goals during his time at Chelsea. More importantly was his influence during his long spell as club captain from 2004 until he left the club in 2017.

During this time, he lifted the Premier League trophy on five separate occasions and won PFA Players Player of the Year in 2005 after his first title win. He even had some excellent personal achievements during these title winning seasons. Chelsea only conceded 15 goals in the 04/05 season with Terry commanding the back line. While during the 14/15 campaign he played every single minute showing the trust that was bestowed upon him. One of the best defenders to ever play in the league and will surly be in the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later

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4. Patrick Vieira

Simply put the man captained the famous invincible Arsenal team to an unbeaten league winning campaign in the 03/04 season. If you look back it may not of been his best season on the field but for a team to go unbeaten for an entire season while you are the captain is an achievement that likely no other footballer will experience in the league, side note thank you Watford.

Even away from that season Vieira spent nine years at the gunners making 279 league appearances for the club. He also won the league in the 97/98 and 01/02 seasons respectfully. His individual awards include Premier League Player of the Season in 00/01 season along with several team of the season inclusions.

While only netting 29 goals during his time in North London that just wasn’t his game. Regarded by many as one of the best defensive midfielders to ever grace the league. His big frame made him an aggressive player, but he also had a grace about him that you don’t see to often with men of his size. Seeing Patrick make one of his famous surging forward runs was enough to make any defender consider handing in his notice.

However, any man brave enough to be happily involved in a heated rivalry with Roy Keane deserves a place in any Hall of Fame.

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3. Thierry Henry

Let’s stick with Arsenal for a moment. Vieira may have captained the invincible team, but this man was its ace.

That season he was simply unplayable at times scoring 30 goals in 37 games in that famous campaign. With this icon of the league that is just the start.

He made a huge impact during an eight-year original spell at Arsenal and then returning on a short loan in 2012. He made 254 league appearances and, in that time, became the all-time top goal scorer of the club with 176 Premier League goals.

Prepare to remain impressed as Henry also won the golden boot a record four times and still holds the record for the most assists during a Premier League campaign with 20 during the 02/03 season. He also scored 24 goals that season because the man was simply a maverick.

A special player who even has a statue outside of the Emirates Stadium showing how beloved he is at Arsenal. However, he may just miss out on being one of the first two inductees into the Hall of Fame which can be pay back for that infamous handball.

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2. Ryan Giggs

Now we get into god tier of the Premier League. The one club player is dying out in modern football and that’s what Giggs was. Spending his entire senior career at Manchester United not even a short loan spell to his name.

He spent a whopping 24 years at Old Trafford making 632 Premier League appearances the second most in the league’s history. He also scored in 21 consecutive seasons during this time. He does hold a record in the league with the most assists in its history with 162. Most importantly he lifted the Premier League title 13 times during the height of Manchester United Mania.

He was also the first player to win consecutive PFA Young Player of the Year awards during the league’s early days in 1992 and 1993. He also holds the honour of being included in the PFA Team of the Century in 2007.   

He should rightfully take his place as a one of the first inductees into the Hall of Fame but who will be joining him?

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1 Alan Shearer

Any Premier League Hall of Fame worth its salt must include this man as its first inductee. The man is Premier League royalty.

What Shearer managed to do while playing for clubs that for the most part never challenged for a league title is ridiculous. He found success at Blackburn Rovers picking up his only Premier League winners medal in the 94/95 season. A move to his boyhood team Newcastle United soon followed.

Shearer made over 300 appearances for Newcastle and bagged himself 148 league goals during his time at the club which contributed to him becoming the all time Premier League top scorer with 260 goals a record that we may never see broken. That number is so high he had to create the world’s most boring celebration because he was running out of celebrations. His closest rival to the record is Wayne Rooney and he is 52 goals behind and in the twilight of his career.

The respect football fans across the world have for Alan Shearer is only miniscule to the love the people on Tyneside have for this living legend and certain Premier League Hall of Famer come the 19th of March.

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