….and new WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Tyson Fury delivered a boxing masterclass to become the new WBC heavyweight champion of the world.

The Gypsy King Tyson Fury stopped Deontay Wilder in the seventh round to win the WBC heavyweight title in Las Vegas. Fury totally dominated Wilder from round one and was successful with two knock downs in the third and fifth round.

Fury stuck to his word by immediately moving forward and had Wilder on the back foot from the first bell. Wilder who normally has his opponents on the back foot had lost the first psychological battle.

From then on it was a mauling. Fury used his considerable weight advantage to drain the energy from Wilder when grappling and his solid jab not only hurt the american, it wore down the Bronze Bomber. His tactics were spot on.

To say that Fury just wore down Wilder would be unfair and incorrect. It was part of his overall plan, yes of course. But Fury not only outthought Wilder, he outboxed him. It was boxing at it’s best. Wilder is a one trick pony. A big swinging right arm. Without the energy to use that weapon there is not alot else for fighters to fear. Fury nullified it and tore Wilder apart.

By the seventh round Wilder’s team had seen enough and saved their man with the right decision to throw the towel in. Wilder after the fight was disappointed that his team didn’t let him fight to the end. In time he will look back and thank them.

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