Wilder v Fury : A Preview

Wilder and Fury are set to go head-to-head in one of the most overdue rematches in recent heavyweight history.

To introduce, let’s start with the key information:

What: a WBC heavyweight boxing title rematch.

When: Saturday 22nd of February.

Where: Las Vegas, Hotel MGM Grand.

UK Start Time: 4am GMT on Sunday 23rd of February, which will be screened live in BT Sport Box Office at a charge of £24.95 PPV.

Back in December 2018 Fury was knocked down twice by the champion, Wilder, however boxing fans and pundits believe the British fighter had done enough to win on points alone.

Odds to win:

Tyson Fury: 10/11

Deontay Wilder: 10/11

Draw: 20/1

(Based on Fight Winner)

After a controversial draw, Wilder and Fury are ready to fight it out in their rematch this Saturday. Both boxers are yet unbeaten and have both promised a ‘knock out victory’.

Fury is looking to go one better and achieve a knock out this time round, which will then take him back to the top of heavyweight boxing for the first time since beating Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015.

What the boxers are saying:

Deontay Wilder (Bronze Bomber):

“When you get knocked down by someone, you never forget it or how they did it. Deep down I feel he’s nervous, very nervous from what happened the first time. When you go in there for a second time it has to be stressful and you definitely can’t sleep at night.

He’s worried and I don’t think his confidence is that high because of the state I left him in before. I gave this man concussion and it will happen again because the head is not meant to be hit, especially by the power of Deontay Wilder, so he has a lot to think about.

It’s called unfinished business and he won’t be able to get back up. I’m going to knock him out. We both have to come in like we did the first fight, with our hearts on our sleeves and the warrior mentality that we always bring.”

Tyson Fury (Gypsy King):

“I’m not coming here for a points decision, I’ve had too many of them – nine of them – I’m coming here for a knockout, I’ve had 21 of them and from the heart that’s what I’m looking to do.

The first fight I wanted to go in there and outbox him. It didn’t work. No matter what people say, I didn’t win. I count a draw as a loss.

I’m looking for a knockout. I didn’t come here again to get a bad decision. I know I’m not going to get a decision in the United States.

I won’t be running. You won’t have to look anywhere for me. Just watch out for the right hands because you’re going to sleep in two rounds.”

Other boxers, and sportsmen, have also commented on the fight:

Anthony Joshua, via Sky Sports:

“Wilder coming through is better because [a fight with me] is what people have been eagerly anticipating. But I think Fury can win. For Wilder to win he has to knock Fury completely out, and he couldn’t do that the first time. For Fury to win, he can hurt Wilder or out-box him. Fury has more to his arsenal so that’s why I’m leaning to him.”

As well as Conor McGregor, via BT Sport:

“He’s got a good tough fight, Deontay is a powerful guy. But I think if he keeps his mind strong and keeps his playfulness in there and his sharpness and his elusiveness, I think he can do the job.”

My prediction is that the fight is going to be very similar to the first of Wilder vs. Fury. Throughout the fight, I think that Fury will be on his toes, whilst Wilder swings his rocket of a right hand into the air.

Furthermore, I think that Fury will win every round up until about the eight or ninth, and with this will not take much damage. It is more than likely that Fury will take the lead, until Wilder gets to him in the ninth round plus, where Fury will be left feeling nervous.

Although the fight may swing towards Wilder towards the end of the fight overall Fury will, or should, win. Again, I personally think that Fury will win based on the judges scorecards, and neither of them achieve a KO.

All well and good, it will be a good and strenuous fight for both.

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